About College

About Shivraj Sahitya, Commerce, and D. S. Kadam Science College

I am grateful to the representative of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the work of Karmveer Vitthal Ramji Shinde and keeping the representative reflection of the progress of the ‘shivraj’ that has passed from the year 1964 to the Golden Jubilee. Our Shivraj has made an impression of our independence in the educational, social, cultural and sports fields. Today, this college is known as an ideal and perfect college. The leadership of the shaikshnik movement in rural areas has been able to get thousands of students from self-sufficiency, self-control and self-government and have continuously kept the lamp of knowledge in their life. Art, sports literature, commerce, science, electronics, computers, science and technology are all in full swing. Now they are transformed into ‘Shivraj Vidhya Sankul’. Many such students come enthusiastically for knowledge and knowledge, with the degree of happiness, along with the degree of happiness, the stubbornness of life is realized.

In June, 1964, the then MP of Kolhapur, Late V.T.Patil gave a generous response to this college established by Dr. S.S.Ghali. In June 1974, this college was transferred to the Karamvir Vitthal Ramji Shinde Education Society from Tararani University. In view of the requirement of the Department in the year 1982 in the month of july, the branches started.Under the guidance of MP Late Balasaheb Mane and Late D.S.Kadam the college flourished.Then chairmanship was offered to, Prof. Kisanrao Kurade. The college has made huge strides under their studious and skilled leadership. Their dreams have got a tangible look. Today B.B.A.,B.C.A.,B.C.S.,B.Sc(Comp.),M.Sc(Comp.),B.Sc.Micro Biology,M.B.A, along with the traditional education of B.A, B.Com, B.Sc., M.A., M.Com, M.Sc., Chemistry. These business curriculum have been started. An independent department has been started for this. All the departments of the college are progressing and the best results are in the cost. Our students are shining due to quality of the university .The academic year 2015-2016 art department and 2016-17 science department have secured the first position in the 'Shivaji University Quality Scholarship' scheme in Municipal section. N.S.S., N.C.C., Fine Arts Forum, Various Wangmi Mandals, Seminars, Camps, Trips, Studies, Various Competitions, Fraternity, 70634 Library of Library, Science Department Laboratory, 250 Computor Labs etc. The children develop children's overall development. There is no doubt that this college will continue to be progress as a proportion of the 'Parmo dharma' of the organization .We heartly Welcome you to this college.We wish you luck for moulding your personality in this college.


Giving higher education to the students and preparing them to build strong India based on reasoning,conscience,compassion and philanthropy.


Our mission is to provide quality education to the students of Gadhinglaj, Ajara, Chandgad Tahsils and Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa-Kokan border areas to change their minds with newly advanced Socio-Economic knowledge and technology


  • To promote professional education to the rural students in the field of Humanities,Commerse,Science and Technology
  • To motivate and to encourage research activities among the teachers and students for upliftment of the society.
  • To maintain discipline,decorum and nationality in the students.
  • To create awareness regarding environmental conservation.


  • To create awareness about standards of education and to develop self-respect in the personality of students.
  • In the wake of growing needs of e-governance to expose the students to the new technologies and trends so as to prepare them to face the challenge at global level.
  • To under take faculty development prgrammers to enhance the academic quality of the institute.
  • To start professionals courses based on computer technology to prepare our products for the growing demands of job market.