About College

About Shivraj Sahitya, Commerce, and D. S. Kadam Science College

Shivraj College of Arts, Commerce and D. S. Kadam Science College is located in Gadhinglaj, is a leading higher education institute affiliated with Shivaji University, Kolhapur that has been providing quality education to students from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The college was established in 1964 by Late V. T. Patil, the MP of Kolhapur, under the governance of Tararani University. In 1974, it was transferred to the Karamveer Vitthal Ramji Shinde Education Society. Under the leadership of Late Shri. Balasaheb Mane (MP) and Late Shri. D. S. Kadam, the college has made significant progress and expanded its offerings to include a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Then chairmanship was offered and accepted by Prof. Kisanrao V. Kurade. Under the leadership of Prof. Kisanrao V. Kurade, the institute has achieved great success and consistently produces top-performing students. Our institute has made an impression of our independence in the educational, social, cultural and sports fields. Today, this institute is known as one of the most ideal institutes in the Shivaji University area. Now the institute is transformed into “Shivraj Vidya Sankul”.

Our institute offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Arts, Commerce, Science and Computer Science and technology. We are known for our strong programs in traditional subjects such as B.A., B.Com. and B.Sc. as well as in more specialized areas such as B.B.A., B.C.A., B.C.S., B.Sc. (Comp.), B.Sc. Micro Biology, B.Com IT, B.Sc. Animation and Food Science with a rich library. In addition to our academic programs, we also offer a range of extracurricular activities including N.S.S., N.C.C., Fine Arts Forums and various Literary Associations. Our students have the opportunity to participate in seminars, camps, study tours and various competitions.

All the departments of the institute are progressing. In 2015-2016, Arts Department and in 2016-17 Science department have secured the first position in the “Shivaji University Quality Scholarship” scheme. The institute won the General Athletic Championship of Shivaji University consecutively for nine years. The institute is committed to the philosophy of "Seva Parmo Dharma" and continues to thrive and provide its students with a top-quality education.


"Our vision is to create a world-class higher education system that empowers our students to become leaders and change-makers in their communities and beyond. By providing a rigorous and transformative education that fosters critical thinking, ethical reasoning and a deep sense of social responsibility, we aim to produce a new generation of leaders who are committed to building a strong and just India. Through their knowledge, skills and values our students will work to solve the challenges facing our society and make a positive impact on the world. Together, we will build a strong and prosperous India based on reasoning, conscience, compassion and philanthropy."


"Our mission is to empower the students of Gadhinglaj, Ajara, and Chandgad tehsils in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa-Kokan border areas to achieve their full potential and contribute to the development of their communities. We believe that quality education is the key to transforming minds and improving socio-economic outcomes and we are committed to providing our students with access to the latest knowledge and technologies. By fostering a culture of excellence, innovation and social responsibility, we aim to create a brighter future for all."


  • To provide professional education in the fields of Humanities, Commerce, Science and Technology to rural students.
  • To encourage and support research activities among teachers and students to benefit society.
  • To promote discipline, proper behavior and national integrity among students.
  • To raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable development.


  • To promote awareness about the importance of high educational standards and to encourage self-respect in students.
  • To expose students to new technologies and trends in e-governance to prepare them for the global job market.
  • To implement faculty development programs to improve the overall academic quality of the institute.
  • To offer professional courses in computer technology to meet the increasing demands for skilled professionals in the job market.


  • Promoting national unity and harmony.
  • Encouraging a rational and scientific approach to problem-solving.
  • Providing high-quality education.
  • Raising awareness about environmental issues.
  • Participating in social service and community development.
  • Advocating for gender equality.
  • Showing respect for others.
  • Striving for excellence in all endeavors.
  • Encouraging participation in sports and cultural activities