President's Message

President's  Message

President Prof.K.V.Kurade

Global business environment is under tremendous pressure and rapid changes are taking place in social,cultural,legal,economic,political and technological areas across the world.There are free movements of resources from one to other country and we are moving towards globalization. In present situation, India is emerging as one of the most attractive destination for business.Due to advent of MNCs in India and abroad,a lot of opportunities in business have been created and challenges have increased.In India,Indian Universities and Institutions have accepted the challenges strongly.

SHIVRAJ, an institute of new age,believes in the best.It is providing great opportunities and total ambient to our loved students so achieve their dreams in both corporate and social realms.

We at the Institute of Buisness Administration and Computer Application heartily welcome you to join the family where change and growth is the order of the day.