Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics started in the year 2017. Since then, the Department is known for its innovative way of teaching Mathematics courses to students.

The faculties of the Department of mathematics are competent who work tirelessly to help students to learn the basics along with the advanced areas in the domain of Mathematics. The students are educated with a strong foundation in Mathematics, enabling them to become top-notch scholars future society.


The Mathematics Department aims to be recognized for academic excellence through the depth of teaching, innovative ideological practices, and research and has worked towards becoming a center for advanced study in the various fields of mathematics.


  •  Discover, mentor, nurture mathematically inclined students, and provide them a supportive environment that fosters intellectual growth.
  •  To prepare our students to develop and enhance the knowledge to apply mathematical methods and ideas in a wide variety of careers.
  •  To equip students to expand and improve knowledge in mathematical methods and ideas to apply in a wide range of their careers and teamwork.
  •  To train students for their professions’ mathematical needs and provide core education in mathematical sciences to all students of our college.