Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics

The first batch of department of statistics of ten students graduated from college in the year 2022. The department organizes class test, seminar, assignments and so on practice for the student to enhance their curricularperformance.



  •  Consistently a good track in the University Examination.
  •  Well qualified faculties.
  •  Department is well equipped with two computers and Wi-Fi internet facility.


  •  To provide the students a good overall knowledge of Statistics covering various aspects.
  •  To use effectively necessary statistical software and computing environment including R, MS-EXCEL among others.
  •  To apply statistical techniques to optimize and monitor real life phenomena related to industry and business analytics etc.
  •  To analyze, interpret and draw appropriate conclusions from both quantitative and qualitative data and critically evaluate ideas, evidence and experiences with an unbiased and consistent approach.
  •  To enrich the students with ability to examine basic statistical issues in a more logical and methodical manner.