Department of B.Sc Animation Entire

Department of B.Sc Animation Entire

Animation departments (or animation production departments) are the teams within a film studio that work on various aspects of animation such as storyboarding or 3D modeling. It can refer to a single department that handles animation as a whole or to multiple departments that handle specific tasks.


  •   Elective courses that brides the gap between industry requirements and academia
  •   Create and sustain a culture that supports teaching excellence in all academic units.
  •   To transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation and outcome based teaching.
  •   Provide students with a high quality program and encourage them to develop their own creativity at an advanced level in contemporary animation and digital media practice.


  •   Department activities are held to strengthen the core competencies and skill set of students.
  •   Innovation in teaching and learning method by ICT
  •   Spacious classroom with limited strength.
  •   Research exposure.