Department of B.Sc Computer Science (Optional)

Department of B.Sc Computer Science (Optional)

B.Sc. Computer Science, abbreviated as B.Sc. CS, is a 3-year undergraduate program that deals with the subjects and topics related to computer science, computer application, and its services. The main aim of this program is to create quality professionals and research fellows who can work in every sector of the world by implementing the technology of computer systems and software.

This course is designed to give strong foundation in computer science and specialized knowledge of topics such as programming languages, Database Management System, Cyber security, Data structure etc.


  •   Best computer science department in the region.
  •   Curriculum as per UGC guidelines.
  •   Sophisticated and well equipped laboratory.
  •   Qualified and Experienced team of faculty members with wider experience in subject.
  •   Career opportunity based seminars.
  •   Regular counseling/mentoring for students.
  •   Campus recruitments of students in Reputed IT industries.


  •   To provide adequate knowledge about computer science.
  •   To create self employment among student.
  •   To develop industry ready computer professionals.
  •   To inspire and motivate faculty as well as students for excellent teamwork.
  •   To teach students lifelong learning skills, which will allows them to successfully adopt to evolving technologies throughout their professional careers.