Departmental Activities of Botany

Departmental Activities of Botany:

Exhibition of Wild Vegetables

Our Department of Botany going to organise one day Workshop upon 'Exhibition of Wild Vegetales' on the occesion of 'Wild life Week'.

Mein aim of this activity is to awaire the peoples of society to consume some healthy, natural, pesticideless, wild vegetales of our vicinity for betterment of helath. This vegetables increse the immune power of human being. Each and every wild vegetables have some medicinal poperty. Therefore regulary consuming this vegetables makes us happy and fit.

There are total 28 diffrent wild vegetables are arranged in this exhibiton. which includes Colocesia, Achryanthus, Oxaslis, Ficus recemosus, Hygrophilla, Solanum nigrumn, Cassia quadrangularis, Amaranthus spinosus, Celosia, Portulaca, Senna, Amarphophalous peonifolious, Leea macrophyla, Bamboo, Dioscoria, Asparagus, Moringa etc. All this vegetables are collected from diffrent localities of western ghat.

Botanical Excursion of B. Sc. II students at Amboli

Our Department is going to arrange, Botaical Study Tour at Amboli and its vicinity area. Total110 Students and 6 staff of botany are attended this study tour. In this study tour we visit area like Pine forest of Deverde, Kavlesaad vally, Hiranykesh ugam and Amboli waterfall. In this study tour our students observe many wild plant in their natural habitat and also study what is diffrent tecquenic of identify the plants in nature. Nature is very beautiful.