Departmental News of Botany

Departmental News of Botany:

Department of Botany is going to Arrange Plant of the Week

Department of Botany have started the Activity under the name of ‘Plant of the week’ under this activity 14 plant species were collected by the students every week. The plants collected were identified by using flora. The botanical information of plant like morphology, economic value were displayed on plain paper with live plant part. The information about the plant is beneficial for upgrading the subject knowledge of students. This activity is also beneficial for creating the interest in Botany subject. Different students were participated in every week for this activity. the activity is inograted by Advocate. Digvijay Kurade in presence with Principal Prof. Dr. S. M. Kadam. HOD Prof. J. V. Sartape , Prof. Sanket Patil and students are also present inograion ceremony.

Departmental faculty qualify MH- SET 2019

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